Trustworthy AI and Human Services Learning Hub

BDT has launched a Trustworthy AI and Human Services Learning Hub to provide an exploratory environment for a diverse group of participants to safely test responsible ways to use AI to improve the delivery of public benefit programs.  

We invite you to get involved now as we plan the Learning Hub’s approach and activities and identify the use cases of AI that should be tested in a “sandbox” environment. The Learning Hub will bring together government, the private sector, academia, labor, civil society, front-line agency workers and benefits recipients. 

Watch our webinar featuring insights from some of the nation's leading AI experts on practical ways to lead organizations through the safe and responsible use of AI in human services:

Through the AI Learning Hub, together with participants we will seek to:  

  • Define and build consensus toward trustworthy AI and human services drivers, priorities, and principles;  
  • Test the socio-technical effects of applying AI across a spectrum of rights-affecting and public-impacting use cases;  
  • Inform policymaking, public administration, product innovation, and trustworthy AI discourse through continuous dialogue among diverse stakeholders; and  
  • Build a roadmap to trustworthy AI for human services and the vehicles to get there, as part of delivering efficient, dignified, and equitable access to public benefits. 

This work is made possible through the generous support of The Rockefeller Foundation and the Patrick J McGovern Foundation. 

Participate in the Learning Hub 

Are you interested in how AI should be used by government human services? Please sign up to express interest in participating in the Trustworthy AI and Human Services Learning Hub. 

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