Research & Evaluation


With a goal of eradicating the challenges that currently plague our benefits system, we focus on identifying improvements that prioritize human-centered designs to ensure those accessing or administering assistance are at the core of the systems they use. We also conduct studies to understand the challenges, opportunities, and impacts of benefits access.

Engaging with different populations nationwide — including older adults, veterans, students, rural communities, and BIPOC — allows us to understand their varying needs when accessing assistance and continue to meet people where they are.

Research Agenda

To evaluate the impact of benefits and create innovative solutions, we center our research around three focus areas:

  1. 1Equitable benefits access for all eligible people
  2. 2Dignified and efficient service delivery for all public benefits applicants
  3. 3Improved health, educational, and economic outcomes for individuals, and cost savings and other efficiencies for states and organizations that serve benefits-eligible individuals.

Research Highlights

Press Release

New research shows SNAP reduces hospital and ER visits, lowers Medicaid costs by $2,360 per person annually

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Research shows SNAP enrollment could reduce healthcare costs by $10 billion a year

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Access to public benefits reduces risk of nursing home and hospital admission among dual-eligible seniors

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BDT successfully increased SNAP participation among low-income seniors in Pennsylvania

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