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Transforming Benefits Access

callout basic needs

Even though dedicated programs exist, millions of our neighbors are not enrolled in services and cannot meet their basic needs. When people cannot meet their basic needs it affects us all-children struggle in school, people experience poor health outcomes across the age spectrum, and have difficulty finding and sustaining employment.

callout bdt helps

Using private sector strategies, BDT transforms how benefits are delivered and how individuals in need access public benefits. BDT believes ALL individuals and families across the country should be able to secure the benefits and services that enable them to meet their basic needs. In its effort to help people gain financial stability, BDT provides comprehensive, application assistance to eligible individuals, collaborates with diverse, cross-sector partners to simplify the benefits access landscape, works with research partners to identify improved outcomes associated with benefit programs and influences policy to ensure that benefits access is simple, comprehensive and cost-effective.

impact model
  1. Individual Impact

    Comprehensive Application Assistance

  2. Systems Impact

    Simplified Benefits Access

  3. Social Impact

    Cost-effective strategies for improving lives, communities, and the economy

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Where We Help

​Benefits Data Trust works across the country to increase individuals’ access to benefits and services.

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