Our Strategies

To drive lasting and equitable change, we use the power of data, technology, and policy to create solutions that help people today while building a better system for tomorrow.

We proactively help people enroll in benefits.

  • Provide data-driven outreach to those eligible for but not receiving assistance with food, healthcare, and more
  • Offer one-on-one application assistance over the phone through our benefit centers
  • Leverage text messaging to provide reminders and personalized financial aid enrollment assistance

We equip other sectors to connect people to assistance.

  • Help healthcare entities connect their members to benefit programs
  • Connect students to assistance in partnership with higher education institutions
  • Provide community-based organizations with the tools they need to serve eligible people efficiently

We help government serve people better.

  • Provide policy guidance and technical assistance to government leaders on specific challenges and opportunities
  • Build playbooks, toolkits, and guidebooks for state and local agency staff and the broader benefits access field
  • Support states in making comprehensive changes

We increase solutions to improve access to assistance.

  • Engage with specific populations to learn how to best serve them
  • Examine the efficacy and efficiency of new ways to connect people to benefits
  • Work with research institutions to evaluate the impact of benefits

Our Impact

Since our founding in 2005, we’ve facilitated about 900,000 benefit enrollments, securing more than $10 billion in assistance for families and individuals nationwide. Not only that, but we’ve brokered and secured over 40 data sharing agreements with various government and healthcare organizations that have enabled us to reach people eligible for assistance.

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