​Cross-sector partnerships are critical as BDT seeks to accomplish its mission. From the data BDT uses for outreach to funding to support its initiatives, relationships with other entities are essential to achieve success.

  • Government Entities

    Government Entities

    Federal, state and local government agencies help BDT identify eligible individuals in need of services, as well as play a critical role in the development of strategies to streamline the benefits access landscape

  • Community & Advocacy Organizations

    Community & Advocacy Organizations

    BDT collaborates with local and national organizations to build reciprocal, sustainable referral networks for our clients

  • Philanthropic Partners

    Philanthropic Partners

    The work of BDT would not be possible without the strong support of philanthropic and corporate partnerships

  • Private Sector Partners

    Private Sector Partners

    Partnerships with private sector entities such as health care providers and mortgage lenders help to determine how maximizing benefits access can benefit their client population and their bottom line.

  • Academia


    Outcomes-based research conducted by third-party evaluators, provides an unbiased perspective and aid BDT in continually strengthening its service delivery model

Become a Partner

BDT continually seeks innovative cross-sector partners who are committed to transforming benefits access for people in need. If your organization wants to join BDT in our quest to make benefits access more simple, comprehensive and cost-effective, let us know! Contact Us