Navigating Data Challenges to Keep Eligible People on Medicaid: A Conversation with California

Since Medicaid recertifications resumed last April, more than 7.4 million people across the country have lost coverage through mid September – with 73% being disenrolled for procedural reasons, like not returning renewal paperwork, rather than eligibility. 

Through our Medicaid Churn Learning Collaborative, we’ve been working with six states to reduce program churn, improve processes for administrators, and protect health coverage for eligible households – now, during the Medicaid unwinding – and beyond.  

In a webinar highlighting one of the states in our Medicaid Churn Learning Collaborative, we discuss the state of California’s key strategies for managing the unwinding as a county-administered state, creating a successful ambassador strategy for Medicaid outreach, and navigating data challenges to improve program access.   

The speakers include:  

  • Yingjia Huang, Assistant Deputy Director of Health Care Benefits and Eligibility with the California Department of Health Care Services 
  • Ki`i Powell, Senior Policy Director at Benefits Data Trust  
  • Jamila McLean, Senior Health Policy Manager at Benefits Data Trust 

Special thank you to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for making this event possible and their dedication to improving benefits access for eligible families, seniors, and individuals across the country.