Morgan Galloway

Research Manager

Morgan Galloway, PhD, joined Benefits Data Trust in October 2023. As a Research Manager, she designs and implements research that informs BDT’s work with partners and agencies as well as BDT’s broader strategic framework. Her research runs along two primary paths: a mixed methods approach to evaluate and improve BDT’s services and a community-centered approach to understanding the lived experiences of all who are eligible for public benefits. At the heart of her research philosophy is a commitment to learning from her research participants and using the right tools to answer the important questions.

In addition to her expertise as a researcher, Morgan also brings her own experience with the public benefits system. Without access to SNAP, Medicaid, and federal financial aid, Morgan would never have found herself in the position to help influence benefits access for others.

Outside of work, Morgan enjoys cooking, perfumery, lifting weights, dystopian fiction, and spending time with her partner, Rachel, and dog, Didi. Morgan earned her BA in Political Science from the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington and has a PhD in Political Science from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.