BDT welcomes new Chief Data & Technology Officer

Benefits Data Trust (BDT) is excited to welcome Ravindar Gujral, a dynamic leader in engineering and design, as the Chief Data and Technology Officer.

Ravindar brings over 20 years of experience building business processes to the position. Most recently Ravindar served as the Chief Technology Officer of Sidecar Interaction, overseeing the use of data science and machine learning to drive precise marketing decisions in e-commerce. Prior to that, he served as the Agile/Lean Adoption & Change Leader for GE Energy, where he led a worldwide transformation of the Software Solutions Group. He has extensive experience leading software and technical teams at companies including Comcast Cable, Siemens Medical Solutions,, Diaspark Inc and more. Finally, Ravindar is also a visiting professor for the Computer Science department at Drexel University.

“We are thrilled for Ravindar to join our team,” said Ginger Zielinskie, President & CEO. “As we continue to innovate in data science and software design, his expertise will help us design sleek and effective tools to serve clients, provide solutions to our partners and support our internal infrastructure.”

ravindar gujral photo

Ravindar earned his Master’s of Science in Software Engineering and Computer Science from Drexel University. In his spare time, Ravindar is a mentor for a self-driving car degree program with Udacity. He began working for Benefits Data Trust on April 18, 2017.