BDT receives grant to help prevent senior foreclosures in Maryland

Philadelphia, June 13, 2017 – Benefits Data Trust (BDT) is excited to announce its expanded capacity to help protect Maryland seniors from losing their homes and to ensure that basic needs are met for our most vulnerable neighbors. This opportunity comes as a result of a $326,100 grant from BDT’s long-time partner, The Leonard and Helen R. Stulman Foundation, to conduct a two-year pilot to effectively deliver underutilized city and state resources to eligible seniors.

Studies show that low-income senior households are disproportionately impacted by the tax sale process—meaning many seniors are at risk of losing their homes to foreclosure. Through this pilot, BDT will now connect seniors with the Homeowners’ and Renters’ Tax Credits, and the Baltimore Senior Water Discount, which will help low-income seniors to retain ownership of their homes through difficult times and will stabilize local economies.

Since launching in 2012, the MD Benefits Center, powered by BDT, has effectively delivered nearly $1.6 billion to Marylanders statewide, ensuring that:

  • 28,699 seniors, individuals, and children are fed
  • 11,165 people’s homes are heated
  • 3,870 people receive medicine and healthcare

This grant from the Stulman Foundation will allow BDT to expand its existing suite of services in Maryland to serve people more comprehensively. As a result of this funding, seniors can screen and apply for up to nine benefit programs in one phone call, increasing their fixed income by an average of 12%, all from the comfort of their own homes.

“The Leonard and Helen R. Stulman Charitable Foundation has been a longtime funder and partner for the Maryland Benefits Center,” shared DeAnna Minus-Vincent, Chief Engagement Officer for BDT. “A lot of great work is underway in Maryland to address the needs of low-income seniors and families. We are grateful to the Stulman Foundation for their ongoing support, allowing us to contribute to the effort by helping vulnerable neighbors access the public benefits they are eligible for.”

Executive Director Cathy Brill stated, “Many senior homeowners and renters in Maryland struggle to stay afloat financially and are eligible for these credits but are not receiving them. Benefits Data Trust, through its sophisticated processes, will be able to help hundreds of seniors get the credits they are entitled to receive. Having more financially stable seniors will mean more stable neighborhoods for Baltimore and other communities around the state.”

The MD Benefits Center is projected to deliver more than $13 million in benefits to seniors in need throughout the state of Maryland. This critical service will improve health outcomes and quality of life for seniors and their families and allow them to remain independent for as long as possible; help seniors reach and maintain economic security; increase participation in underutilized programs designed to reduce senior foreclosure rates; and stimulate local economies.

For more information contact Ginger Zielinskie, President & CEO.


About Benefits Data Trust

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About the Leonard and Helen R. Stulman Foundation

The Leonard and Helen R. Stulman Charitable Foundation supports innovative work in the areas of mental health, health, and aging. Established in 2001, the foundation contributes about $4 million in grants each year to organizations in Maryland.