BDT Broadcast: Uniting to Help Families Put Food on the Table

Uniting Families

We live in an era when having a job is no longer a reliable measure of whether or not a person is in need, and soaring prices for food, gas, housing and other necessities are now adding to the challenges of putting healthy meals on the table. The good news is that there is already an effective resource to help: the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly food stamps). Unfortunately, many who are eligible for SNAP benefits are not enrolled. 

Cross-sector partnerships can help close this gap, and that’s exactly what we are doing through our partnership with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC). Together, we are working to reach SNAP eligible households — including working families — who aren’t currently receiving the benefit. Since our collaboration began in 2020, Blue Cross NC and BDT have secured $8 million in food benefits for more than 6,700 North Carolina households. 

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Fighting Hunger in Michigan

Dennis Mouras

While Medicaid participants are often eligible to receive SNAP benefits, many do not participate because of a lack of awareness, transportation challenges, and other barriers. One of our newest initiatives seeks to increase the number of UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Michigan members enrolled in SNAP by providing additional education and support. 

In April, UnitedHealthcare community health workers and case managers began directly transferring members to BDT’s Michigan Benefits Center, providing them with one-on-one SNAP application assistance. We sat down with Dennis Mouras, chief executive officer of UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Michigan, to discuss the partnership, what it means for Medicaid members, and the organization’s commitment to the communities it serves. 

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Refreshing Our Theory of Change 

Alexis Clark

As a mission-driven nonprofit, every facet of our work at BDT centers around our north star: to connect people to assistance so they can live better lives today, while modernizing benefits access nationwide to help even more people tomorrow. 

For many nonprofits, a theory of change is a critical foundation that informs strategic growth, determines resource allocation, and helps supporters, partners, peers, and staff understand the path forward. We’re proud to announce that we’ve developed an improved theory of change to provide a clear vision of how we plan to improve health, promote equity, and build pathways to economic mobility by modernizing benefits access. 

We invite you to read our latest blog on the process of building a new theory of change, and to dive into our theory of change itself to learn more about our work. 

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