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Skyler (Sky) Burkhart

Benefits Outreach Specialist

Why Benefits Data Trust?

"### I am excited to learn a new skillset, expand my empathy, and reduce the stigma of these benefits to those I interact with."

Volunteer work: I am currently a Mock Interview Mentor at HIAS PA (helping non-citizens pass their U.S. citizenship test) and I was also a reading coach with Philly Reading Coaches before Covid times!

One item on your bucket list: I have never seen the Grand Canyon, so I hope to do that someday! I also have always wanted to go on some sort of bike tour, even if it is short term.

Your guilty pleasure (Music, TV Show, Movie,etc): I have been leaning into reality TV during the pandemic. Mainly 90 Day Fiancé, Top Chef, and RuPaul’s Drag Race!

Hometown: Morgantown, PA