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Mary Falls-Staley

Associate Director of Partnerships

Why Benefits Data Trust?

"Nothing ever moves forward here without making sure the people we serve are at the center."


B.S. Speech Communications, Public Relations, Millersville University

My Family

One husband, 2 parents, 3 sisters, 10 nieces and nephews

Passionate About

Movies, family, loving what you do!

Past Employment

Oregon Primary Care Association and Office of Healthy Kids

If I Had Chosen Another Career, I Would Have Been…


Greatest Personal Accomplishment

Moving across the country with no plan and no job…then doing it again 7 years later.

Best Advice Ever Received

You’re never going to be perfect… but that doesn’t mean you have to stop trying.

Favorite Part Of Your Job

No day is the same but everyday I learn something new

Favorite Travel Destination

Oregon Coast

Favorite Book

Pride and Prejudice

Favorite Movie

Last of the Mohicans

Favorite Food


Fun Fact About Me

I love cheesy SyFy movies, i.e. Sharknado and Sharknado 2: The Second One