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Laura Walker

Project Coordinator

Why Benefits Data Trust?

"I wanted to do something that really helped people make a difference. Being passionate about communication for me means that I really enjoy just talking to people and learning about their lives. Through that, I've become really invested in what affects people and their quality of life. I stumbled upon BDT and loved the mission as well as the environment. It's a chance to talk to people and gain an understanding of what affects them as well as how to help."


BA in Linguistics from Bryn Mawr College


I was born and raised in Northeast Philly with two of my five siblings

Previous Employment

I worked at the University of Pennsylvania Linguistics Lab as a research assistant for a project that studied language change in the Philadelphia dialect.

Passionate About

I am obsessed with language and interpersonal communication of any kind. I love learning way groups of people communicate and learning a new language is one of my favorite experiences so I try to interact with as many people as possible. I’m also really passionate about Geology and I love to explore new rock outcrops on hikes!

Can’t Go A Day Without

Smiling or laughing!

Favorite Food

I am addicted to cheese (especially cheddar) but I don’t really have a favorite food. I do really enjoy Indian and Korean cuisine!


Hiking/nature walks or bike rides, reading, writing and painting

Fun Fact

I’m afraid of heights but I’m determined to learn to mountain climb