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Joshua Kulda

Benefits Outreach Specialist

Why Benefits Data Trust?

"The opportunity to help others in the same way that I’ve been helped, but in a different capacity than what I’ve typically done in past roles."

Best advice ever received: “The thing is, you’ve just got to do it!” Not so much advice, as it is a motivational phrase from someone very close to me. 

Volunteer work: None at this time, but it’s something that I’d like to improve in my free time, going forward.  

Your guilty pleasure (Music, TV Show, Movie, etc): I am a big Amy Winehouse fan, but also love more upbeat stuff like Sara Bareilles!

Passionate about: Helping others, and just informing the general community around us. I strongly believe in the saying “When you know better, you do better!” 

Hometown: Philadelphia. (Kensington neighborhood.)