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David O'Malley

Data Analyst

Why Benefits Data Trust?

"My career goals center on actualizing positive impacts for those in need. BDT seeks to directly improve the lives of those most in need by improving access to the basic essentials in life (food, medical care, housing, etc.), and I take great satisfaction in working toward that end."


University of Pennsylvania – Masters of Urban Spatial Analytics (2010), Masters in Historic Preservation (2007); American University – B.A. International Studies (2004).

Past Employment

Temple University.

If I Had Chosen Another Career, I Would Have Been…

Satellite imagery archaeologist

Key To Success

Devote yourself to something that you believe is important.

Favorite Part Of Your Job

Knowing that I have a far-reaching impact through the work I do. 1) I inform our funders of how the projects are going, 2) I inform the Contact Center/Projects team about the inter-workings of the organization, and most importantly, 3) I am responsible for our targeted outreach, directly inform how we can better the lives of those in need.

Favorite Travel Destination

Although I’ve traveled to many places, Bangkok, Thailand still reigns supreme as my favorite destination.

Can’t Go A Day Without

Living in a dynamic and interesting city (like Philly).

Favorite Movie

The Red Violin (1998)

Favorite Food

Thai in winter, Japanese in summer.


Travel and photography (they go hand-in-hand.)

Fun Fact About Me

I studied Chinese and French and it is not uncommon for me to confuse the two when speaking.