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Davena Lee

Universal Outreach Coordinator

Why Benefits Data Trust?

"Working at a place where I have the opportunity to help people every day. I knew that it would be rewarding."


BA Criminal Justice, Minor, Forensic Studies, La Salle University, 2012

My Family

I come from a family of 6 children. I am the baby of the family; I am very close with my Mother. Also, I am married with 2 boys.

Passionate About

I am the most passionate about my two children. They are everything to me.

Past Employment

La Salle University’s ID/Gold card Office

Greatest Personal Accomplishment

Finishing College after having a baby.

Favorite Part Of Your Job

I get to help people every day.

Key To Success


Can’t Go A Day Without


Favorite Food



Playing with my children

Fun Fact About Me

I have 6 people in my family with the name David: 1. My Husband, 2. My Son, 3.My Father, 4. My Brother, 5. My Nephew, and 6. My Father in-law. Also my name, Davena is a combination of my parents’ names, David and Velena. My name is pronounced “DAY vena” despite the way it is spelled. We have sort of exhausted the name David in my family.