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Connie Rizzuto

Director Of Operations

Connie Rizzuto, BDT’s Director of Resource Management, strongly believes that the key to a successful organization is building a culture that encourages and supports the health, well being, and personal growth of all staff. She joined the organization shortly after its inception in 2005,and as a long-standing member of BDT, she has supported, developed, and managed many of the organization’s operational functions as it has grown to become an esteemed national nonprofit. In her role, Connie oversees BDT’s 40,000-square-foot office facility and leads a dynamic team of five who collectively deliver services and evolve key business processes that allow BDT's teams to remain productive and organizationally effective. Their primary areas of focus include: procurement and vendor management; employee experience and software support; and facilities and workspace management. Connie holds a certificate in Business Administration and lives in Mickleton, NJ with her family.

Why Benefits Data Trust?

"Because we truly care. The well being and success of our staff, partners, and clients really matter to us. We have created a collaborative culture (a family) where ideas are encouraged and voices are heard. A place where you can make a difference."

My Family

…is awesome! We laugh, we share good food and wine, and we give lots of love.

Passionate About

Keeping a healthy balance between work and family life.

Best Advice Ever Received

Enjoy your life today, don’t wait until tomorrow.

If I Had Chosen Another Career, I Would Have Been…

Graphic or Interior Design

Favorite Part Of Your Job

Having my hand in everything! No two days are ever the same.

Greatest Personal Accomplishment

Being a Mom. It’s the most important job in my life. There is no school to teach you. You just love, teach, protect, and love some more until you have to let go.

Favorite Travel Destination

Anywhere with family or friends and where I can see the sun set and rise.

Make And Model Of Your First Car

‘77 Baby Blue AMC Hornet. If you saw it you knew it was me. There was no other car like it within 500 miles.

Key To Success

Give 110%. Have a positive attitude. Be open to change. Don’t burn bridges. These are all key to the “real social network”.

Can’t Go A Day Without

… mmm, COFFEE!


Anything crafty. I love to paint, refinish furniture, and set a beautiful table for a dinner party.

Fun Fact About Me

I am a thrift junkie… a great weekend is to leave at 8 am on Saturday with a hot cup of coffee and hit the yard sales and thrift stores in search of treasures.