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Benefits Outreach Specialist

Why Benefits Data Trust?

"It's social services...something near and dear to my heart."

Passionate About:

Food, feeding others, city gardening, art, and music

Best advice ever received:

When in doubt…dont!

Volunteer work:

West Kensington Ministry Food Bank and Community Garden Projects

If I had chosen another career, I would have been…

An event planner, traveling foodie, or community organizer

Favorite part of your job:

I enjoy helping folks get connected to any and every resource that will keep them healthy and in their own homes for as long as they can be.

Favorite travel destination:

So far…Hawaii, but there are too many to list!

Key to success:

Do what you love and love what you do!


Favorite food:



Cooking, gardening, photography, poetry, art, entertaining, travel

Fun fact about me:

I delve into any art adventure I can find. I love to create. I love that I am a creative spirit. Mostly I work with salvage arts…but I am at my happiest when I am free to be creative.