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Director of Finance

Why Benefits Data Trust?

"It’s a great feeling to go to work every day to a place where people are passionate about what they do."


BBA – Temple University

Passionate About

Spending time with my family and friends

Best Advice ever received

“Relax. Slow down. Think it through.”

If I Had Chosen Another Career, I Would Have Been…

A Veterinarian

Greatest Personal Accomplishment

Passing all four parts of the CPA exam on my first try

Favorite Part of Your Job

Being able to help a great organization succeed

Make and Model of Your First Car

Chevrolet Cavalier

Key to Success

Search out people who do things better than you and learn from them

Can’t go a day without

My Family

Favorite Book

Game of Thrones (all of them)

Favorite Movie


Favorite Food

Hot wings