Quality Resolution Specialist

BDT employee

Best Advice ever received

Surround yourself with positive people and if you want to help a friend in need be a positive example for them!

Past Employment

Sabrina’s Café and Spencer’s Too, Philadelphia Sports Clubs

Greatest Personal Accomplishment

I have no rhythm, so when I finally got the basics steps down for bachata I was so happy with myself.

Favorite Part of Your Job

I love when clients tell me that I’m really helping them out.

Favorite Travel Destination

If the weather is at least 70 degrees I’ll visit!!

Make and Model of Your First Car

2002 Chevy Venture

Can’t go a day without

If I don’t eat something savory, my day is not complete.

Favorite Book

Right now, I am anxiously awaiting the release of the 6th book in AsoIaF series!

Favorite Food

I love sushi, curry, pho, summer rolls, and I’m obsessed with pouring fish sauce on all my food.


I love to read and I love discovering new restaurants. If on the weekend I get to lay in bed and read, and then go out to brunch with my friends, then I am as happy as can be!