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Benefits Outreach Specialist

BDT employee

Why Benefits Data Trust?

"?: I’m excited to learn about public benefits, help our clients, and work with such a successful organization."

Passionate about:

I’m passionate about the environment, sustainable food, fighting poverty, making music, and rock climbing.

Best advice ever received:

Stay out of debt and be yourself!

Volunteer work:

I volunteer to lead D.I.Y. home weatherization workshops with Energy Coordinating Agency and wild edible plant walks in Philly parks with Philly Wild Foodies.

One item on your bucket list:

Try every food in the world twice.

If I had chosen another career, I would have been…

Working with Move to Amend to overturn Citizen’s United.

One accomplishment you are most proud of:

Finding 50lbs of maitake mushrooms on one tree.

Your guilty pleasure:

My guilty pleasure is watching movies, everything from B-horror movies to the classics in the Criterion Collection.

Hidden Talent most people don’t know about:

Throat Singing

Can’t go a day without…:

Cooking up a luxurious breakfast with a french press of locally roasted coffee