BDT Special Bulletin: Reflecting and Acting

| By: Trooper Sanders

This closes out one of the most challenging weeks in America’s recent history. A devastating pandemic and economic crisis were compounded by the murder of Minneapolis resident George Floyd. His death struck a vital chord around the world, but is only the latest example of generations of injustice and violence towards African Americans that has cut down too many lives before their time, as well as clogged the moral artery of the nation.

These extraordinary times should not only be a window into the threats facing black communities, they should also be a catalyst to address the range of challenges these communities face – from health care and employment to transportation and freedom and safety. Put simply, we need not only better criminal justice by police and the courts, but total justice. Justice in the workplace and the classroom. Justice in the doctor’s office and on public transportation. Justice in the marketplace, whether a well-stocked grocery store or access to fair lending. Black Lives Matter, and black lives should enjoy dignity, respect, and equity in every corner of society.

BDT is committed to putting the more than $60 billion in unclaimed public benefits to work cutting racial disparities in areas such as health outcomes and economic opportunity. We are also committed to:

  • Standing with our black employees, colleagues, clients, and partners.

  • Embedding a scalable and durable equity strategy into our core mission and services.

  • Using our influence and voice to promote the value of public benefits as an essential part of helping people and communities make ends meet and get ahead.

We appreciate your support in these times – our partners, funders, community-based organizations, and others enable us to provide people a path out of poverty and towards financial stability.

Please be well and stay safe,