BDT Broadcast: Improving Lives: Putting People at the Heart of Change

Improving Lives: Putting People At The Heart Of Change

Championing the potential of technology to modernize government as well as the need to reduce the “paperwork burden,” President Biden issued an Executive Order in December that could make it easier for millions of people to access benefits. The Order directed federal agencies to improve the customer experience across a wide range of programs, including streamlined access to food, housing and healthcare. These changes hold the promise of easing frustration and improving health, equity and economic mobility.  

Federal agencies are to establish specific priorities to improve the experience of people accessing these services. Stay tuned to hear more about how BDT is leveraging its expertise in dignified, efficient benefit access to inform this process.

An Opportunity to Stabilize Medicaid Coverage

Stabilizing Medicaid Coverage

To help prevent millions of Americans from becoming uninsured when the federal public health emergency (PHE) ends, BDT is launching a new 12-month learning collaborative, with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The collaborative will provide a unique opportunity for state Medicaid agencies to receive individually tailored technical assistance to develop and advance policies and practices that reduce Medicaid churn — the cycling of individuals on and off Medicaid. 

The technical assistance provided through this opportunity — at no cost to states — will support states in preparing for the end of the COVID-19 PHE and the subsequent termination of the Medicaid continuous coverage requirement. 

State agency staff interested in learning more can read the FAQ document and complete an interest form to join the collaborative. 

Celebrating Black Excellence

Celebrating Black Excellence

The fabric of BDT’s culture is made richer by the hard work and dedication of our staff to build spaces, spark conversations, and cultivate resources for one another. Employee resource groups are an incredible example of those efforts. In honor of Black History Month, we’re celebrating and shedding light on “In Living Color,” a resource group at BDT created to sustain a truly diverse and inclusive work environment for Black employees. 

In a new blog, the co-facilitators of “In Living Color” join other members to discuss Black excellence and how their collective efforts have created change both within BDT and beyond. 

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A Valentine's Day Tribute

He represented what a humanitarian is supposed to be

At BDT, we often refer to our staff as our most important resource — we couldn’t connect as many people to critical assistance without their skill, empathy, and dedication to our mission. Our contact center staff work tirelessly to provide a dignified and warm experience for those in need, and their efforts are the beating heart of BDT; for that reason, our outreach specialists are our Valentines this year — and every year. 

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