BDT’s CEO Discusses Role of Public Benefits in Climate Resiliency

Trooper Sanders speaks at the 2023 Social Innovation Summit

Benefits Data Trust (BDT) CEO Trooper Sanders spoke last week at the 2023 Social Innovation Summit in Los Angeles, a national gathering of leaders at the nexus of technology, philanthropy, and business to catalyze partnerships to drive positive social impact. Invited to open a session focused on “people and planet,” Trooper outlined the critical role public benefit programs can play in mitigating the impact of weather disasters and climate change on workers and families. Everyone, regardless of their financial situation, should be able to access help with ease.

“It is easier for someone to get welfare owning a $1 million home [by taking the home mortgage deduction] than it is for a busy mom with a child to get $100 to buy groceries,” Trooper said. “That’s what we need to change.”

Watch Trooper’s full talk at the 2023 Social Innovation Summit here: