Affordable Connectivity Program: How to Outreach Effectively

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Benefits Data Trust (BDT) recently launched the first phase of a multi-year effort to promote participation in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) through outreach to eligible individuals in seven states and support for government agencies and other organizations nationwide. BDT stands ready to assist agencies, higher education and other institutions to conduct effective outreach and ensure more people have access to affordable high-speed internet.

This brief presentation – “Crafting an Affordable Connectivity Program Outreach Campaign” – discusses the value of data-driven outreach to increase awareness and participation in the ACP, based on our experience working to increase access to other benefit programs for nearly 20 years. The best practices outlined in this presentation focus on: 

  • Key implementation considerations 
  • Effective messaging strategies 
  • How to use behavioral economic principles to increase responsiveness to outreach 

As government agencies and others work to increase awareness and participation in the ACP, we invite you to incorporate these best practices into your proposals and plans.

Check out our Data Sharing Playbook to guide your data sharing and data-driven outreach efforts.

To share questions about how BDT might support your efforts to inform eligible individuals and households about the ACP, reach out to us at  

Learn more about how BDT is supporting ACP outreach here.