2017 presidents message from Ginger Zielinskie

As we embrace the opportunities and challenges of 2017, I want to take a moment to thank our partners, our supporters, and the BDT team for the tremendous impact we delivered in 2016. With your support, we delivered on the following:

Individual Impact

Delivered over $121 million into the homes of eligible individuals—allowing them to eat, heat their homes and meet their healthcare needs.

  • 38,625 seniors, children, and families fed
  • 14,667 households heated and maintained
  • 53,388 people received medicine and healthcare

Systems Impact

  • Made it easier for Pennsylvanians to enroll in affordable healthcare
  • Click here to watch the story featured on NBC10!
  • Simplified how seniors apply for SNAP in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Colorado

Social Impact

  • Infused nearly $100 million into local communities
  • Proved that SNAP and LIHEAP improve health outcomes and reduces health care costs for low income seniors in partnership with Johns Hopkins University, the Hilltop Institute (UMBC), & the State of Maryland

In addition to the impact we made for our clients in 2016, we dedicated energy to looking inward–defining our core values to guide us as we move forward. We are excited to share these with you, as they drive us to do the work we do and make the very important impact we seek:

We Create Solutions

We solve problems in a way that is efficient and effective. We overcome barriers to enrollment for clients, invest in staff development, and engage with partners to innovate.

We Foster Diversity

Our culture of inclusivity and equity is built on respect for our clients and their dignity, our staff and their experiences, and the communities we serve.

We Take Ownership

By recognizing both our strengths and areas for improvement, we hold ourselves accountable to our mission and each other in order to deliver the best service to clients.

We Are Relentless

Our commitment to our clients, mission and approach is unwavering. We tirelessly help our clients from start to finish, support one another to perform at our best, and push for policy that creates meaningful change.

We Communicate Openly

We promote a straight-forward, transparent exchange of information and ideas to build trust with clients and collaborate internally as well as with partners.

We Practice Empathy

We challenge ourselves to view every interaction from all perspectives—for our clients and their daily struggles, our relationships as staff, and organizationally as we grow.

We Choose Quality

To achieve our shared vision, clients, staff, and partners should receive superior service, professional support, and high levels of engagement.And now, we must look ahead. In this New Year, we are challenged to do more. We must continue to focus our efforts on connecting the right people, at the right time, to the right services and supports they need to reach economic stability, improve health outcomes and build strong communities.

We are ready to go! In 2017 BDT will continue to deliver exceptional high quality service to our clients, we will continue to push the envelope on systems change with diverse public and private partners, and we will continue to ask the tough questions in order to better understand what outcomes can be achieved when we are able to help individuals and families meet their basic needs.

We look forward to continuing to work with all of you. Thank you for your effort, your insight and your passion!

Ginger Zielinskie
President & CEO