Benefits Outreach Specialist

BDT employee

Why Benefits Data Trust?

"I wanted to work in the nonprofit sector and truly feel like I was making a difference in the world each day that I come to work, and I also wanted to be a part of an organization with a great community and work culture. BDT is the best of both worlds!"


BAs in Linguistics and Japanese from the University of Rochester

Passionate About

Food, Animals, Pokemon

Best Advice ever received

Don’t let your dreams be dreams

Volunteer Work

I used to volunteer at my local animal shelter.

If I Had Chosen Another Career, I Would Have Been…

A disc jockey. Or a zookeeper.

Greatest Personal Accomplishment

Once got such a high score on a Neopets game that the Neopets Team thought I was cheating. Also graduating college with a 4.0, I guess.

Favorite Part of Your Job

My coworkers, the culture, and the awesome support system.

Make and Model of Your First Car

Scion xD, my little blue son. Coming up on 10 years old.

Key to Success


Can’t go a day without


Favorite Movie

Spirited Away

Favorite Food

Mac ‘n Cheese, goat cheese, Trader Joe’s cheese puffs, cheese in general


Music (going to shows, making playlists), cooking, eating, playing video games

Fun Fact about me

I played my first video game when I was 3 years old and it was Street Fighter II for SNES (my second was Super Mario World). I have a flashbulb memory of my older brother coming to my crib and asking if I wanted to play.