Benefits Outreach Specialist

BDT employee

Why Benefits Data Trust?

"Social work and great coworkers."


B.A. English, Northern Arizona University

My Family

Mexican/Spanish hybrid. My mother and 4 brothers. I’m second in line.

Passionate About

Creating, and obsessively making lists. They’re related.

Volunteer Work

I’ve worked with YMCA acting as a mentor. As a transition specialist I worked with a wide spectrum of at-risk high school students.

Past Employment

Flagstaff Unified School District, Philadelphia School District, YMCA, Northern Arizona University.

If I Had Chosen Another Career, I Would Have Been…

I’m working on it, but… the many incarnations of Shakespeare.

Greatest Personal Accomplishment

Picking up and moving to the East coast.

Favorite Part of Your Job

Talking to really, really, really awesome elderly people. The lives they’ve lived, the things they may say, and the appreciation they have for you when you’ve tried your best to help them.

Favorite Travel Destination

The sun.

Make and Model of Your First Car

1984 Ford Mustang (“Rustang” or “Musta”)

Key to Success

Survival, or “walk softly, carry a big stick”.

Can’t go a day without


Favorite Book

David Ignatow, Shadowing the Ground, Theodore Roethke, Open House, Albert Camus, the Myth of Sisyphus.

Favorite Movie

I can nearly quote Tombstone, word for word, also There Will Be Blood.

Favorite Food

Mom/Grandma’s home cooked anything.



Fun Fact about me

I have no tattoos.